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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Dozen Tattoos Filled With Regret (Or, Is It Regert?)

One thing that I have noticed in recent years is that I know a lot of people who have gotten at least one tattoo.  I even know some family members who have had permanent ink drawn on some part of their body.

And while tattoos have been around for quite a long time (some sources say that it began centuries ago), I would hazard a guess that they became really popular during the grunge music era of 1992-1995. 

Today, tattooing is a million dollar industry that continues to rake in the customers.  I've heard some people say that once they got their first tattoo, they were hooked, and now have half of their bodies covered with inspired artwork.  Television shows like "Miami Ink", "L.A. Ink", "Ink Master", and "Tattoo Nightmares" have glamourized the industry somewhat.  And so many people I know have gotten tattoos that I almost feel like I am more unique in the fact that I have no tattoos at all.  Or piercings, for that matter.

Of course, I have absolutely nothing against tattoos as a whole.  I think that some tattoo artists are extremely talented and you can really appreciate the fine detail and colour blending that can come from a beautifully designed image.  People have even gotten tattoos made from photographs that they provide the artist, which I think is absolutely brilliant.  You can get a tattoo of a departed loved one, an image of your child...heck, if you wanted to, you could get a tattoo of a Tattoo.

(Seriously, someone actually got a tattoo of Tattoo from "Fantasy Island".  Da pain!  Da pain!)

But while I appreciate the art that goes into a tattoo, I doubt I would ever get one for three reasons.

Reason #1:  I kind of like the idea of being unique by not getting one.

Reason #2:  I have not a good tolerance for pain, and doubt that I could ever sit through a full tattoo.

Reason #3:  I could end up hating the tattoo and spend a small fortune trying to get it removed.

And yes, this happens.  I'm sure many people who have gotten tattoos have loved them and are proud of them.  Some people on the other hand regret ever getting them, and spend an arm and a leg trying to get the tattoo erased from their arm or their leg.

And believe me...after seeing these twelve tattoos, you might want to do the exact same thing.  I found twelve tattoos that range from the bizarre to the stupid, and I will be talking about some of them in this space.

Special thanks to The Huffington Post, Pinterest, Instagram, ViralNova, Daily Mail, and for the images used today.

1.  Okay, it's bad enough that this guy decided to get a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt on his arm.  Where in the bloody hell does it cost twenty-five dollars for a Coke?  Where is this McDonald's located?  Trump Tower?

2.  That is the most "AWSOME" spelling of the word "AWESOME" that I have ever seen.  If only there were enough space between the W and S to make it look halfway decent.  That'd be really awesome.

3.  I bet this person would be even more "GRATEFUL" if they had a dictionary with them before they got the tattoo.

4.  Forgive me.  I have absolutely no idea how one gaurds their heart?  Do you mean gaurd as in "GUARD", which is protecting the heart, or gaurd as in "GOURD", which is turning your heart into a jack-o-lantern?  Either way, this tattoo doesn't work.

5.  Well, except maybe this tattoo...

6.  How can I believe in something that isn't possible?  I've never heard of strenght.

7.  To Marrow?  Is this like some sort of love letter to the stuff found inside of your bones?

8.  This tattoo is pretty perfect to explaining the message behind this tattoo.

9.  Babby Girl?  Actually, this could work out if somehow you could transform that first B into a lower case G.

Nah, it'd still look terrible.

10.  Okay...that's either Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Veronica from Archie Comics or what Pinocchio would look like if he went goth.  I still don't quite know who this could be...

11.  The question the fudge literal (like the fudge you find on top of ice cream sundaes) or figurative (like the fact that even God can bend the truth every once in a while).  Quite the conundrum, don't you think?

12.  I guess someone was inspired by the time that Fleetwood Mac toured with the California Raisins, huh?

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