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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why You Should Vote For The New Archies

Okay, so before I go ahead with today's entry, I wanted to take the time to offer my absolute support for the fact that LGBTQ people are now able to be legally married in all fifty states.  It has definitely been a long time coming (my nation of Canada has had this in place for ten years now), and long overdue.  To all of my LGBTQ pals out there, congratulations! 

Oh, and save me a slice of wedding cake.  One thing I love more than seeing everyone get equal rights is a nice slice of wedding cake.  Preferably chocolate, but I can do vanilla as well.  No strawberries though.  I'm allergic.

And now, on with what I was supposed to talk about.  What was it I was talking about again?  Oh, yes.  I'm supposed to come up with a final plea for you to vote on the final choice in the cartoon reviewing poll that I have on my blog!  First, in case you missed it, the summary - yet again!

Well, you guys and gals may have noticed that I have a poll posted in this very blog.  And this poll will give you the power to choose which retro cartoon you want me to review every episode of.

Now, I should state that when I say every episode, I mean every episode.  One entry could be a full 22 minute episode, while another could be an 11 minute half episode.  Apparently the 1980s were popular for half episodes for some reason.

Well, I thought that since I changed the date of the poll to July 15, I thought that I would use this opportunity to make a case for each of the four shows.  That way, it might make you think about your vote a little bit more.

Just to show you what I mean by "reviewing" a show, I'll post a couple of links for you.  Click HERE for "Full House Reviewed" and click HERE for "Saved By The Bell Reviewed". 

Mine will follow a similar format - only with less swearing.  I want to keep this blog PG rated so that all audiences can enjoy it.  Not trying to wuss out here.  Just trying to take all ages into consideration.

So, from now until Saturday, June 27 (that's today!), I'll be making a case for one of these shows, just so you can have a bit of an idea as to what to expect in these reviews.

So, we've already given arguments for "The Care Bears Family", "Inspector Gadget", and "Jem and the Holograms".  And in today's entry, we'll be looking at the last choice. 

This is my argument for why you should choose "The New Archies".

Why should you choose "The New Archies"? 

Well, if brevity is your thing, "The New Archies" is definitely the choice you want.  There were only thirteen episodes made of the series, each one with two eleven-minute mini-episodes.  So, this series will only last twenty-six weeks. 

(Or, the end of December 2015.)

It is also a show that is linked to my all-time favourite hobby.  You all know about my love of Archie Comics, and certainly "The New Archies" is definitely part of the Archie Comics family.  It's what Archie and the gang would look like as junior high school students, and certainly the adventures that they have are quite similar to the ones that they would have as high school students.

So you can expect me to have the most general knowledge about this series of all the four.  I've seen all the episodes and can tell you what happened in each one from memory.

And much like Jem and the Holograms, this show is definitely a product of the 1980s.  You'll hear out of date slang, see out of date fashions, and generally, you'll have an out of date experience.  "The New Archies" has not aged well at all, and I will definitely point out how dated the show really is compared to 2015!

Other footnotes you can expect...

Expect me to make fun of Veronica's Valley Girl accent.  A lot.

You can expect me to try to explain the appearances of some characters, as well as the disappearance of other characters.  Seriously, they jettison Chuck Clayton and Midge Klump, but keep Fangs Fogarty?  How completely random.

We'll do some character analyses on the Riverdale crew and see if they even match who they are in the comic books.  I especially want you to pay close attention to Veronica in this one.  She's quite the case study.

As much as I hate the show "Fashion Police", we have to talk about it in this series.  Jughead's pink hat.  Betty's wild hair.  Veronica...and whatever the hell it is she's wearing.  We'll go over it all.

(Yeah, I can see me ragging on Veronica a LOT in this one.)

You know, even though the show's run isn't as long as the other three...I could really have a lot of fun with this topic.  But that's only if you choose to vote for "The New Archies".

So, now that you've heard all the choices, which one would you like to see me review?  You can vote in this poll on the blog on the right hand side, and I will make the final announcement July 15.

Oh, one last thing.  If there is a tie, I will do two shows at the same time.

Happy voting!

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